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Volume 1, Issue 1 ~ 14 November 2008 (OUT OF PRINT)

  • On the Wings of a Dream by Lolita Villavasso Cherrie
  • The Albert DeCuir Family of Pointe Coupee Parish, LA by Ingrid R. Stanley
  • Home Place Plantation: My Ancestral Home by Jari Christopher Louis Honora
  • The 7th Life (a poem) by Sheila Prevost
  • Euphemie Lemelle: A Woman’s Fight for Freedom by Pat Marant Schexnayder
  • The Creole Family That Disappeared by Mary Gehmann
  • Creole Discovery, Past and Present: The Descendants of Louis Charles Roudanez by Mark Charles Roudané
  • Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom: What Genealogy Teaches Us About Race and Inequality by Angel Adams Parham
  • The State of the Archives by The Archdiocese of New Orleans
  • The Louisiana Archives
  • Editor’s Book Review:
    • One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life—A Story of Race and Family Secrets by Bliss Broyard
  • New Orleans Recipe: New Orleans Coconut Pralines
  • About LA Creole

Volume 2, Issue 1 ~ 2 October 2009 (OUT OF PRINT)

  • “Cast Your Eyes Upon a Loyal Population” by Jari Christopher Louis Honora
  • Copy of Original Petition
  • Typed Copy of Petition
  • Alphabetical List of Petition Signers
  • Petition, Principle, and Protest by Dr. Raphael Cassimere
  • Related Documents & Notable Petition Signers
  • The Boisdorés and the Economy Society by Fatima Shaik
  • The Role of Free Men of Color in The Battle of New Orleans by Isaiah Edwards
  • Muster Roll of the Louisiana Native Guards
  • Book Recommendations (Related Reading):
    • An Absolute Massacre: The New Orleans Race Riot of July 30, 1866 by James G. Hollandsworth, Jr.
    • Revolution, Romanticism, and the Afro-Creole Protest Tradition in Louisiana, 1718-1868 by Caryn Cosse Bell
    • Black New Orleans 1860-1880 by John Blassingame
  • New Orleans Recipe : Cala (Creole Rice Fritters)

Volume 3, Issue 1 ~ 15 October 2010 (OUT OF PRINT)

  • The Dolliole Family by Lynette Dolliole Johnson
  • The Colored Créole Haydels and Their Contribution to Society: A Genealogical Research by Belmont F. Haydel, Ph.D.
  • Evergreen Plantation by Kevin Servat and Jari Honora
  • The House on Lapeyrouse Street by Lolita V. Cherrie and Catherine Ladnier
  • Establishing a Community of Gens de Couleur Libres: Catalina’s Fight for Freedom by Keila V. Dawson
  • Thomy Lafon (1810-1893): Remembering the Legendary Creole Philanthropist on His 200th Birthday by Ina Fandrich
  • Th Chessés in Louisiana by Bruce Chesse
  • Appreciating Gran’pa by Marvin Chachere
  • Linking Louisiana Creole Ancestry to the American Revolution: Retired Naval Officer Makes a Historic Connection by Anita R. Paul
  • Sari, a poem by Haleemon Shakd Felton (submitted by Nicole Felton Hardin)
  • Vegetable Man, a poem by Sheila Provost
  • Book Selections:
    • A History of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana: Murray G. Lebeau Memorial Edition by Brian J. Costello
    • Posing as Nuns, Passing For White: The Gouley Sisters by Lisa Marie Brown

Volume 4, Issue 1 ~ 14 October 2011

  • Enola Marie Tregre Becnel: A Transformational Educator and Citizen by Karen Becnel Moore, Ph.D.
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Fernin Eaton
  • Florestine “Aunt Flo” Adams: A Pillar of Inspiration by Shandria Smith
  • A Historical Play with Modern Significance by Fatima Shaik
  • A Daunting Task by Alexander Tureaud, Jr.
  • Créoles of the Seventh Ward of New Orleans by Beverly Jacque Anderson
  • Summer Tree (a poem) by Sybil Klein
  • Book Selections:
    • The Victor Haydel Créole Family: Plantation Beginnings and Early Descendants by Dr. Belmont Haydel
    • A More Noble Cause: A. P. Tureaud and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Louisiana by Rachel Emanuel and A. P. Tureaud, Jr.

Volume 5, Issue 1 ~ 10 October 2012

  • At the 1884 World’s Fair: Créole Leaders and the First-Ever “Colored Department” by Dr. Miki Pfeiffer
  • The Impact of Statehood on the Free People of Color in Louisiana by Dr. Raphael Cassimere, Jr., and Professor Seraphia D. Lleyda
  • Edouard Sigg & Paul Sigg: Advocates for the People by Ingrid R. Stanley
  • Créole Sensibility in New Orleans and Vicinity, 1712-1803 by Dr. Ronald Dorris
  • 1648: The House My Grandfather Built by Alexis Gaddis
  • My Daddy: A Memoir by Dr. Ernest G. Chachere
  • Switzerland? The Swiss? Créoles? In One Sentence? By Catherine Ladnier
  • Book Selections:
    • The War of the Pews: A Personal Account of St. Augustine Church in New Orleans by Rev. Jerome G. LeDoux, S.V.D.
    • Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records: Individuals Without Surnames

Volume 6, Issue 1 ~ 28 December 2013

  • Miss Le Pearl by Patricia Duroncelet-Ralph
  • Is a Woman of Color a Lady?: The Case of Josephine Decuir by Florence M. Junonville
  • 19th Century Louisiana Créole Migration to Mexico by Mary Gehman
  • Victor Séjour: Identity and Representation in the 19th Century by Devyn Ariel Tyler
  • Under the Dying Moss (a poem) by Ronald Dorris

Volume 7, Issue 1 ~ 6 December 2014

  • From Generation to Generation: The Colin LaCour Family of Erwinville, Louisiana by Gina Colin Greenlee
  • The Lure of Créole Superstitions by Madeleine Aubert Gex
  • Unearthing Broken Roots of My Father’s Past: A Journey by Elizabeth Blandin
  • Shuckin’ ‘n’ Jivin’ (for Alvin Aubert) (a poem) by Ronald Dorris
  • Alvin Aubert: Framing South Louisiana by Ronald Dorris
  • The Last Hours of Estelle Dupré (a poem) by Alvin Aubert
  • Cultural Translator: Lafcadio Hearn by Hephzibah Roskelly
  • New Orleans – A Whole Lot More (a poem) by Madeleine Aubert Gex

Volume 8, Issue 1 ~ 23 October 2015

  • Special Issue: LA Creole remembers KATRINA
  • Prologue by Ingrid R. Stanley
  • Stroking Midnight (a poem) by Dr. Ronald Dorris
  • Old Community – New Community by Fatima Shaik
  • Surviving Katrina by Mary Gehman
  • Epilogue by Pat Schexnayder

Volume 9, Issue 1 ~ 21 October 2016

  • Jazz, a poem by Sybil Kein
  • Country Life with Brother Henry and Sister Carrie: A Memoir by Barbara Ricard Landix
  • Papere’s Legacy by Alice Doucette Twillie
  • History Becomes Personal Through Genealogy by Henry J. Ferrand
  • Searching for Duplin and Zoe amid the Contradictions of Being Slave and Free by Eva Semien Baham, Ph.D.
  • Rose: From Slave to Matriarch by Pat Marant Schexnayder
  • Growing up in the Tremé: the early life of Lloyd Walter Bennett, Jr. by Katherine Krejsa Benett
  • Creole Have Their Day in Court by Ingrid Rogers Stanley
  • Restoring Stolen Legacies: Dr. Alfred Lawless, Jr. and the Valena C. Jones School by Brenda Billips Square
  • Book Selection:
    • Legacy of a Creole Treasure by Marthell T. Robinson Adams

Volume 10, Issue 1 ~ 20 Oct 2017

  • The Praline Seller, a poem by Margaret Dashiell
  • Atla’s Story by Kathryn Coleman Labat
  • Piecing Together My Grandmother’s Past: A Memoir of My Genealogical History by Kenya Key Rachal
  • The New Orleans Mystique by Madeline Aubert Gex
  • Researching Slaves & Free People of Color on the German Coast by Mary Gehman
  • Transfixed by her Eyes: Race, Memory, and the World that Made New Orleans by Mark Charles Roudané
  • Status Report on the Georgetown Memory Project by Judy Riffel
  • Travelers’ Tales: How Antebellum Tourists Got Free People of Color Wrong by Emily Clark, Ph.D.
  • Physical Descriptors and Racializers: the Evolution of Identity in Creole Louisiana by Christopher Landry, Ph.D.
  • The Birth of the Pythian Temple by Keith Weldon Medley
  • Book Selection:
    • American Routes: Racial Palimpsests and the Transformation of Race by Angel Adams Parham

Volume 11, Issue 1 ~ 26 Oct 2018

  • 1724, La Nouvelle-New Orleans by Sybil Kein
  • The Gumbo That Is Creole by Rodney Sam
  • From New Orleans to the Attakapas and Back Again: The Aubry Family Migration by Angela D. Aubry
  • Born in New Orleans: Creole Musicians and America’s Civil Rights Movement by Nick Douglas
  • Creoles Without Borders: The Integration of America’s Darker Brothers into the Creole Community by Fatima Shaik
  • My Ancestral Mothers by Patricia Boissiere Ferrand
  • Louisiana Homesteader: The Story of a Black Louisiana Homesteader’s Journey to Acquire Land by Bernice A. Bennett
  • Remembering Louise Gibson, A True Creole Lady by Beryl W. Zerwer
  • A Family in Turmoil: A story of abuse, runaways, murder, theft and racial identity by Ingrid R. Stanley
  • Book Selection:
    • Glimpses of Black Life Along Bayou Lafourche: Brief Stories of How Black People Lived, Worked and Succeeded during Challenging Times by Curtis J. Johnson

Volume 12, Issue 1 ~ 25 October 2019

  • LA Creole’s Tribute to the Queen of Creole Cuisine by LA Creole
  • Queen, a poem by Arthur Pfister
  • Ignorance, a poem by Henry Louis Rey
  • A Glimpse into Moments with Marcus Bruce Christian by Madeline Aubert Gex
  • Henry Louis Rey, Spiritualism and Creoles of Color in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans by Melissa Daggett
  • Felicite by Kathryn Coleman Labat
  • A Tribute to Arnold Bertonneau by Joan Abshear Brown
  • The Wedding Picture by Wanda Hains Ripoll
  • Uncovering Hidden Gems: A Dubuclet-Dessalles Family Story by Pat Marant Schexnayder
  • The African Diaspora and New Orleans Canary Islanders / Isleños by Dr. Nancy Dixon
  • The Afro-Creole Clarinet Tradition in Early New Orleans Jazz by Michael G. White, Ph.D.
  • The Road Trip by Harold Baquet
  • Book Selection:
    • Tracing Their Steps by Bernice Alexander Bennett

Volume 13, Issue 1 ~ October 2020