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The La Créole Journal is published annually and distributed to current members. Back issues are available for purchase.  To order, download and complete the printable order form and mail it with your check or money order to LA Creole at the address on the order form. 

[Coming soon: a combined index of the first ten volumes]

Volume 1, Issue 1 ~ 14 November 2008

  • On the Wings of a Dream by Lolita Villavasso Cherrie
  • The Albert DeCuir Family of Pointe Coupee Parish, LA by Ingrid R. Stanley
  • Home Place Plantation: My Ancestral Home by Jari Christopher Louis Honora
  • The 7th Life (a poem) by Sheila Prevost
  • Euphemie Lemelle: A Woman’s Fight for Freedom by Pat Marant Schexnayder
  • The Creole Family That Disappeared by Mary Gehmann
  • Creole Discovery, Past and Present: The Descendants of Louis Charles Roudanez by Mark Charles Roudané
  • Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom: What Genealogy Teaches Us About Race and Inequality by Angel Adams Parham
  • The State of the Archives by The Archdiocese of New Orleans
  • The Louisiana Archives
  • Editor’s Book Review:
    • One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life—A Story of Race and Family Secrets by Bliss Broyard
  • New Orleans Recipe: New Orleans Coconut Pralines
  • About LA Creole

Volume 2, Issue 1 ~ 2 October 2009

  • “Cast Your Eyes Upon a Loyal Population” by Jari Christopher Louis Honora
  • Copy of Original Petition
  • Typed Copy of Petition
  • Alphabetical List of Petition Signers
  • Petition, Principle, and Protest by Dr. Raphael Cassimere
  • Related Documents & Notable Petition Signers
  • The Boisdorés and the Economy Society by Fatima Shaik
  • The Role of Free Men of Color in The Battle of New Orleans by Isaiah Edwards
  • Muster Roll of the Louisiana Native Guards
  • Book Recommendations (Related Reading):
    • An Absolute Massacre: The New Orleans Race Riot of July 30, 1866 by James G. Hollandsworth, Jr.
    • Revolution, Romanticism, and the Afro-Creole Protest Tradition in Louisiana, 1718-1868 by Caryn Cosse Bell
    • Black New Orleans 1860-1880 by John Blassingame
  • New Orleans Recipe : Cala (Creole Rice Fritters)

Volume 3, Issue 1 ~ 15 October 2010

  • The Dolliole Family by Lynette Dolliole Johnson
  • The Colored Créole Haydels and Their Contribution to Society: A Genealogical Research by Belmont F. Haydel, Ph.D.
  • Evergreen Plantation by Kevin Servat and Jari Honora
  • The House on Lapeyrouse Street by Lolita V. Cherrie and Catherine Ladnier
  • Establishing a Community of Gens de Couleur Libres: Catalina’s Fight for Freedom by Keila V. Dawson
  • Thomy Lafon (1810-1893): Remembering the Legendary Creole Philanthropist on His 200th Birthday by Ina Fandrich
  • Th Chessés in Louisiana by Bruce Chesse
  • Appreciating Gran’pa by Marvin Chachere
  • Linking Louisiana Creole Ancestry to the American Revolution: Retired Naval Officer Makes a Historic Connection by Anita R. Paul
  • Sari, a poem by Haleemon Shakd Felton (submitted by Nicole Felton Hardin)
  • Vegetable Man, a poem by Sheila Provost
  • Book Selections:
    • A History of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana: Murray G. Lebeau Memorial Edition by Brian J. Costello
    • Posing as Nuns, Passing For White: The Gouley Sisters by Lisa Marie Brown

Volume 4, Issue 1 ~ 14 October 2011

  • Enola Marie Tregre Becnel: A Transformational Educator and Citizen by Karen Becnel Moore, Ph.D.
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Fernin Eaton
  • Florestine “Aunt Flo” Adams: A Pillar of Inspiration by Shandria Smith
  • A Historical Play with Modern Significance by Fatima Shaik
  • A Daunting Task by Alexander Tureaud, Jr.
  • Créoles of the Seventh Ward of New Orleans by Beverly Jacque Anderson
  • Summer Tree (a poem) by Sybil Klein
  • Book Selection:
    • The Victor Haydel Créole Family: Plantation Beginnings and Early Descendants by Dr. Belmont Haydel
    • A More Noble Cause: A. P. Tureaud and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Louisiana by Rachel Emanuel and A. P. Tureaud, Jr.


Volume 5, Issue 1 ~ 10 October 2012

  • At the 1884 World’s Fair: Créole Leaders and the First-Ever “Colored Department” by Dr. Miki Pfeiffer
  • The Impact of Statehood on the Free People of Color in Louisiana by Dr. Raphael Cassimere, Jr., and Professor Seraphia D. Lleyda
  • Edouard Sigg & Paul Sigg: Advocates for the People by Ingrid R. Stanley
  • Créole Sensibility in New Orleans and Vicinity, 1712-1803 by Dr. Ronald Dorris
  • 1648: The House My Grandfather Built by Alexis Gaddis
  • My Daddy: A Memoir by Dr. Ernest G. Chachere
  • Switzerland? The Swiss? Créoles? In One Sentence? By Catherine Ladnier
  • Book Selections:
    • The War of the Pews: A Personal Account of St. Augustine Church in New Orleans by Rev. Jerome G. LeDoux, S.V.D.
    • Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records: Individuals Without Surnames

Volume 6, Issue 1 ~ 28 December 2013

  • Miss Le Pearl by Patricia Duroncelet-Ralph
  • Is a Woman of Color a Lady?: The Case of Josephine Decuir by Florence M. Junonville
  • 19th Century Louisiana Créole Migration to Mexico by Mary Gehman
  • Victor Séjour: Identity and Representation in the 19th Century by Devyn Ariel Tyler
  • Under the Dying Moss (a poem) by Ronald Dorris

Volume 7, Issue 1 ~ 6 December 2014

  • From Generation to Generation: The Colin LaCour Family of Erwinville, Louisiana by Gina Colin Greenlee
  • The Lure of Créole Superstitions by Madeleine Aubert Gex
  • Unearthing Broken Roots of My Father’s Past: A Journey by Elizabeth Blandin
  • Shuckin’ ‘n’ Jivin’ (for Alvin Aubert) (a poem) by Ronald Dorris
  • Alvin Aubert: Framing South Louisiana by Ronald Dorris
  • The Last Hours of Estelle Dupré (a poem) by Alvin Aubert
  • Cultural Translator: Lafcadio Hearn by Hephzibah Roskelly
  • New Orleans – A Whole Lot More (a poem) by Madeleine Aubert Gex

Volume 8, Issue 1 ~ 23 October 2015

Special Issue: LA Creole remembers KATRINA

  • Prologue by Ingrid R. Stanley
  • Stroking Midnight (a poem) by Dr. Ronald Dorris
  • Old Community – New Community by Fatima Shaik
  • Surviving Katrina by Mary Gehman
  • Epilogue by Pat Schexnayder

Volume 9, Issue 1 ~ 21 October 2016

  • Jazz, a poem by Sybil Kein
  • Country Life with Brother Henry and Sister Carrie: A Memoir by Barbara Ricard Landix
  • Papere’s Legacy by Alice Doucette Twillie
  • History Becomes Personal Through Genealogy by Henry J. Ferrand
  • Searching for Duplin and Zoe amid the Contradictions of Being Slave and Free by Eva Semien Baham, Ph.D.
  • Rose: From Slave to Matriarch by Pat Marant Schexnayder
  • Growing up in the Tremé: the early life of Lloyd Walter Bennett, Jr. by Katherine Krejsa Benett
  • Creole Have Their Day in Court by Ingrid Rogers Stanley
  • Restoring Stolen Legacies: Dr. Alfred Lawless, Jr. and the Valena C. Jones School by Brenda Billips Square
  • Book Selection:
    • Legacy of a Creole Treasure by Marthell T. Robinson Adams

Volume 10, Issue 1 ~ [coming in fall 2017]