January 8, 2018 ~ Commemoration of 1811 Slave Rebellion

Commemorating the 207th Anniversary of the 1811 Slave Revolt

Monday, January 8 @ Justice and Beyond

Christian Unity Baptist Church • 1700 Conti Street • New Orleans

Doors open 4:45 pm

Contact info: Leon A. Waters 504-432-9901 • lamuseumafrique@gmail.com

The Louisiana Museum of African American History (LMAAH) and the Slave Rebellion Reenactment Committee (SRR) invite you to join us in the revival of the public commemoration of Louisiana’s Herois 1811 Slave Revolt.

Leon A. Waters, chairperson of LMAAH, will discuss the significance of our revolutionary ancestors to seize political power in the Orleans Territory and abolish slavery.

Malcolm Suber, newly appointed organizer for the SRR, and Dread Scott, internationally known public artist, will discuss plans to organize a grand reenactment of the 1811 slave revolt.

Special guest Titos Sompa, a native Kongolese historian, master dancer, drummer, and healer will share with us history and cultures of the Kongo, Kongolese connections to the 1811 slave revolt, and parallels to modern-day struggles in his homeland. He and Jean-Claude Biza Sompa and Armel Mamouya will share some of the music of their people.


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