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More about Legacy Legion

  • The Legacy Legion is comprised of patron level donors ($100) who support LA Creole’s mission to advance family research, provide education and celebrate Creole culture.

  • Through the Legacy Legion, LA Creole recognizes ancestors and family members, both living and deceased, whose lives and contributions have enriched our history and unique cultural heritage.

  • Patron supporters enroll or renew as Legacy Legion members annually and are invited to submit photographs and narrations about their honorees for inclusion in the Family Legacies book.

  • Narrative stories about Legacy Legion honorees will be included in Family Legacies:  A Publication of the Louisiana Creole Research Association.  The editors of the book will contact donors to obtain photographs and assist with the writing of the narratives.
  • When writing your narrative for the Family Legacies book here are some suggestions for what you might include. These topics will provide a useful historical reference. However, please feel free to write what best honors and describes your ancestor or loved one.

Date and place of birth
Parents of the Honoree
Date and place of marriage (name of spouse)
Military (if applicable)
Career/Work/Hobbies/Interests/Special Talents
Children including names, dates of birth, and spouses (if married)
Special memories and accomplishments

  • For additional questions or assistance with an enrollment, please contact

Below is an example of one historical narrative, however many honorees will have contemporary stories

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Legacy Legion (2020 enrollment form)

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