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More about Legacy Legion

  • The Legacy Legion celebrates and supports LA Creole’s mission and honors those who contribute to Creole history, culture and heritage through their lives, work and talents.
  • LA Creole invites enrollments in the Legacy Legion by individuals, family groups, and organizations. Each enrollment accompanies a $100 donation made in support of the organization’s mission.
  • One listing will appear on the Legacy Legion roster per enrollment. That listing may be an individual’s name, (Mary Parker Jones) a family name (The Parker-Jones Family) or an organization name.
  • The use of a prefix (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) is optional, however, it is important to use the appropriate suffixes (Jr., Sr. III, etc.) if they apply. A married couple may be enrolled in one listing by using the Mr. and Mrs. Prefix or by listing both names in either of the spaces provided ( Robert and Mary Parker).
  • LA Creole encourages enrollments honoring ancestors and deceased loved ones and the roster will include those listings under the heading The Legacy Legion Honors and Remembers….
  • When enrolling a deceased family member, use the “In Memory Of” box for an individual name or add that designation as a note in the larger box provided for additional enrollments (for example:  “In Memory of Mr. Robert Jones, Sr.”)
  • Honorees will be listed in “Family Legacies,”  a publication of the Louisiana Creole Research Association.  The editors of the publication will contact donors who wish to include a photograph of the honoree and/or a narrative description.  
  • If you choose to submit your narrative description for the “Family Legacies” publication at the time of your donation, we have listed below some suggestions for what you might include. These topics will provide a useful historical reference; however, please feel free to write what you feel best honors your ancestor or relative. 

    Date and place of birth
    Parents of Honoree
    Date and place of marriage (name of spouse)
    Military (if applicable)
    Children including names, dates of birth, and spouses (if married)
    Special memories and accomplishments

  • For additional questions or assistance with an enrollment, please contact

Below is an example of the layout for a half page listing, including a photograph:

If you are ready to submit your enrollment, complete the form below: