About LA Creole

The Louisiana Creole Research Association, Inc., known as LA Creole, was founded on August 21, 2004 as a New Orleans-based, non-profit family research and educational organization.

Its purpose is to assist Creoles of Color in researching their ancestry, to educate the general public about Creole history and culture, and to celebrate the contributions and legacy of a unique, sometimes forgotten people.

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LA Creole Mission Statement

Louisiana Creole Research Association (LA Creole) advances family research, provides education and celebrates Creole culture.

Board of Directors 2019

Chantell Nabonne, Board Chair 

Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes

Dr. Eva Semien Baham

Mark Charles Roudané

Curtis Graves

Jeanne Ayler

Financial Officer:  Jennifer Ellsworth



Development:   Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes, Lynette Dolliole Johnson, Dr. Ronald Dorris, &                                  

                                 Pat Schexnayder

Marketing/Public Relations:  Chantell Nabonne

Strategic Planning:  Dr. Paula W. Adams & Barbara Landix

Ways & Means:  Jeanne Ayler



Conference:  Pat Schexnayder & Jennifer Quezergue

Membership: Dr. Eva Baham & Helen Marie

Programs:  Jennifer Quezergue



Community Liaison: Jennifer Quezergue

Genealogy & Research: Pat Schexnayder & Ingrid Stanley

Historian:  Pat Schexnayder & Ingrid Stanley

Hospitality:  Madeline Gex

Journal:  Ingrid Stanley (Editor)

Newsletter: Helen Marie (Editor)

Nominating:  Ingrid Stanley

Oral Histories:  Lynette Dolliole Johnson

Social Media: Cedric Ellsworth & Chantell Nabonne

Telephone:  Joann St. Cyr

Webmaster/Datase Administrator: Helen Marie

                                                               As of: January 12, 2019