Free Presentation: “Homestead Act of 1862: Following the Witnesses”

bernice_bennett_2016Homestead Act of 1862: Following the Witnesses,” a new webinar (online presentation) by historian, genealogist and LA Creole member Ms. Bernice Bennett, is available free for viewing until August 19th at Legacy Family Tree. It can be downloaded or viewed any time by Legacy subscribers.

In this series of videos, Ms. Bennett traces the lives of four individuals who served as witnesses and also acquired land under the Homestead Act of 1862 in Livingston Parish, Louisiana.

By reviewing their land entry papers, Ms. Bennett reveals how the lives of these witnesses interconnected. It is a valuable case study for anyone interested in genealogy or methods of research into the different forces and changes that shaped the lives of our ancestors, in this case those who found themselves in what is now Livingston Parish, Louisiana– a place recently in the news due to tragic flooding.

Bernice Alexander Bennett is an author, family historian, producer and host of Research at the National Archives and Beyond! Blogtalkradio, and a volunteer at the National Archives working on preparing Civil War Widows’ Pension Records for digitization.

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