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More about Legacy Legion

  • The Legacy Legion celebrates and supports LA Creole’s mission and honors those who contribute to Creole history, culture and heritage through their lives, work and talents.
  • LA Creole invites enrollments in the Legacy Legion by individuals, family groups, and organizations. Each enrollment accompanies a $100 donation made in support of the organization’s mission.
  • One listing will appear on the Legacy Legion roster per enrollment. That listing may be an individual’s name, (Mary Parker Jones) a family name (The Parker-Jones Family) or an organization name.
  • The use of a prefix (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.) is optional, however, it is important to use the appropriate suffixes (Jr., Sr. III, etc.) if they apply. A married couple may be enrolled in one listing by using the Mr. and Mrs. Prefix or by listing both names in either of the spaces provided ( Robert and Mary Parker).
  • LA Creole encourages enrollments honoring ancestors and deceased loved ones and the roster will include those listings under the heading The Legacy Legion Honors and Remembers….
  • When enrolling a deceased family member, use the “In Memory Of” box for an individual name or add that designation as a note in the larger box provided for additional enrollments (for example:  “In Memory of Mr. Robert Jones, Sr.”).
  • Tricentennial Legacy Legion enrollments received by May 25th will be presented in a beautifully designed printed document. Each donor will receive a copy of the Legacy Legion publication.
  • For additional questions or assistance with an enrollment, please contact Paula Adams

If you are ready to submit your enrollment, complete the form below:

Tricentennial Legacy Legion (enrollent form)

  • About Your Legacy Legion Listing

    Use the options below to enter your listing exactly as you wish it to appear. If honoring a deceased ancestor or family member, please use the "In Memory of" option below.
  • Price: $100.00 Quantity:
    Please indicate the TOTAL number of listings you are requesting.
  • Use this space for a family or organization listing showing EXACTLY how you wish the listing to appear. (for example: The Woods-Moliere Family or St. Augustine H.S. Alumni Houston Chapter) Max = 75 characters, including spaces
  • Use this space to list the name(s) of a deceased loved one or ancestor (individuals or couples)
  • If you are submitting multiple donations, please add the names for additional listings below. Please enter one name per line, following the same format shown above.
  • ** Final Check ** (Please take a moment to double check the accuracy of your donor information and spelling of your listings, then submit.)

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.