Louisiana Creole Research Association

2015 Annual Conference: October 23-25, 2015


LA Creole is pleased to announce our 11th Annual Conference, titled “Music Transcends: Our Syncopated Journey from Reconstruction to Katrina.”

Click here to download a printable version of the announcement flyer.

You can register (and pay) for the conference online! LA Creole Members can register here; non-members or students desiring a fee waiver can register here. Of course, we’d love for you to become a member. Why not join now?

We also urge all artists to enter our annual art contest! Click here for the full art contest announcement, including online entry form.


LA Creole is a New Orleans based non-profit family research organization dedicated to the study of the history and culture of the Creoles of Color of Louisiana through ancestral research, education, and celebration.

Creoles of Color in Louisiana
There is evidence that both French and Spanish Colonial Louisiana identified all its people (white, black, and mixed), both free and enslaved, who were born in the new world of old world stock as Creole. That included the offspring of Europeans (predominantly French and Spanish), Africans, and a mixture of both that could also include Native American.  More

Genealogy and History are our Mission
The Louisiana Creole Research Association, Inc., known as LA Creole, was founded on August 21, 2004 as a New Orleans-based, non-profit genealogy and family research organization.  More